We love beer. We love the taste. We love the aroma.

But more than anything, we love the craft of brewing.

We began brewing in 2012, a whole 111 years after the last of St Andrew’s old breweries closed down. 100 years before that, there were over a dozen breweries in the town.
Beginning our brewing life in a garage (keeping company with the likes of Apple Inc, The Ramones and… BeerBods!), we outgrew the garage after three years and moved into our current space in the heart of St Andrews, adjacent to the Botanic Gardens.
Our commitment to quality requires constant tasting and quality assurance, which we endure on your behalf - well, someone has to do it.

Want to see behind the scenes? A brewery tour is just the place to start.

There's no better way to get a taste (see what we did there...) for what lies a the heart of our beers than to see how we do it from end to end.

Know someone who loves beer? Why not give them the gift of seeing how we make it!

Our one-hour long tours begin and end in our on-site tap room and include 3 x 1/3 pints during the tour. For visitors driving and unable to sample during the tour they can take away x 3 bottled beers.

After the tour visitors are welcome to hang out in the brewery tap room.

Your BREWERY TOUR gift voucher will be posted to you. If you are gifting to someone, you can pass it onto the recipient. They can arrange their tour date and time directly with us.

Vouchers for up to nine people are available for purchase in our online shop. If purchasing for groups of 10+ please email or use the form below to make arrangements for a tour.

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